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6-foot blonde amazon Dixie Peabody plays Dag who grabs a shotgun and gets on her motorcycle to track down the guy who killed her brother.

Two friends Bernie (Clyde Ventura) and Jonsie (Terry Mace) tag along.

Along the way there are lots of erotic reverie and psychedelic imagery in this arty, weirdly memorable, movie directed by Jack Cardiff based on a novel by Andre Pieyre d Mandiargues.Or you might get your rear-end tossed." Queen (Betty Connell) is the cackling, tough-as-nails, leader of the "Man-Eaters," a ferocious girl gang who enjoy racing.(The winner gets first pick on the stud line.) When one becomes too fond of a guy they make her drag her boyfriend behind her motorcycle (tied by a rope) until his face looks like chopped meat.When Joe Boy (John Weymer), the head of a rival gang, kidnaps their new sister "Honeypot" and brutalizes her, the gals string wire across a road and decapitate him.Best line in the movie: "Go fumigate yourself, craphead! Jeremy Slate plays Dan, who wins a motorcycle after competing in a race.

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Distinctly and precisely directed by British filmmaker Joanna Hogg, this quietly paced fictional tale which is narrated from multiple viewpoints, draws a quiet and contemplative portrayal of the solidarity, individuality and tensions within a family that is missing one significant piece.

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