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It is reminiscent of the rather similar names for Ferghana – Dayuan = ‘Great Yuan,’ and for Bactria – Daxia = ‘Great Xia’? 199-200 says:“For Hirth and the initial interpreters of the HHS and WL accounts, the country designated as Ta-ch’in (“Greater Ch’in”) was to be identified with the Roman East.Although the term Ch’in referred to the Chinese as early as the second century A.

These are, quite naturally, territories in the ‘Roman Orient.’ Sometimes, the name is used more specifically: the Weilue gives directions across a ‘Great Sea’ (the Mediterranean) to “that country” (i.e.

Similarly, ‘Mexico’ may be used to refer to either the city or the country.

Therefore I have translated Da Qin as either ‘Rome’ the city, ‘Roman territory,’ or the ‘Roman Empire,’ as the context demands. on the southwest [] corner of the Caspian Sea; and that, surprisingly, it is Tiaozhi that is a good transcription of Seleukia.

D., the name Ta-ch’in perhaps is best understood as simply a reflection of Ch’in as the western region of China, i.e.

Ta-ch’in represents the country beyond and comparable to Ch’in.

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As will become obvious later, this fact did not prevent Shiratori from respecting the essential historical framework of the Chinese accounts of Ta-ch’in.

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