Epo global updating

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Epo global updating

I would then be able to communicate that better with my colleague. Something is checked into the master repository that triggers a global update (such as a DAT file) 2. A signal is sent out to all super agents (whether they host a repo or not) 4.

OK, here's a brief explanation Super agents (sans the repo) are used to propagate super agent broadcast calls. Each Super Agent sends out a broadcast call on its network segment directing all agents that hear this call to perform an update So because the super agents send out a broadcast call and broadcast calls are not propagated beyond their network segment you would have to put a super agent on each network segment for this to work but you may not want a distributed repository on each network segment. Can a Distributed Repository work without the existence of a Super Agent? Hi Ben OK, this is the simplest I can make it.....normally these type of questions involve professional services costs....

Hi Ben No problems at all :-) The best method would to be to install a local e PO server on the AD Server and manage the agents locally with your own defined e PO policies and agent, but if that's not an option, you need someone who controls the main e PO server to configure the AD Server as the Super Agent and then tell the Agents to pick up their DAT files from the Super Agent. If so I can tell you what you need to do Cheers Simon Hi Simon. I had a chat with a colleague who runs the e PO server in Colombia.

Once you've done that, you need to create a new Mc Afee Agent policy for the computers in your network to point to the new distributed repository....a new Mc Afee Agent policy and click the repositories tab and then make sure that the new distributed repository is listed first Cheers Simon Hi Simon, I had a chat with my colleague in Colombia who is in charge of the e PO server.What I basically need to do is set up a server (the AD Server running on windows 2003 server) which has Mc Afee running on it. And then these files need to be distributed to all the client's PC's, which are resident in the same area.We want to save on internet bandwidth and therefore want to prevent the user's PC's from downloading the SDAT file from the internet.So how do I prevent the local user's PC' sfrom downloading the SDAT file from the internet?And how do the clients PC's wait for the file to be sent by the main server and then for this latest SDAT file to be executed automatically on the user's PC, updating the version of their virus definitions?

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Agent-TLAILD100Hi Ben As you do not have control of the epo server, I would strongly suggest that your colleague in colombi A follows my instructions in my previous post about how to set up the distributed repository This will remove the problem associated with the super agent Cheers Simon Hi Simon...thanks for your prompt reply.