Gridview not updating on postback

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Add a javascript function which will be invoked from the dropdownlist control, in this case this function is assigned to the Command property of the dropdownlist in code behind: the function Translate shown above performs the call and get the results in the specified page (in this case "Get Login Translations.aspx") when the request is completed and the request.onreadystatechange is set to the function Translate Labels this function will be executed.

on this way the postback is not executed as before in the event on Selected Index Changed of the dropdownlist control.

In particular, we'll build an interface that has a Form View that allows the user to page through the suppliers.

While many reporting scenarios involve read-only access to the report data, it s not uncommon for reports to include the ability to perform actions based upon the data displayed.

For a given supplier, the Form View will show information about the supplier along with a Button Web control that, if clicked, will mark all of their associated products as discontinued.

Additionally, a Grid View lists those products provided by the selected supplier, with each row containing Increase Price and Discount Price Buttons that, if clicked, raise or reduce the product s by 10% (see Figure 1).

I don't know why yet, or how to bind the page..if I remove Data Bind from Page_Load, updating is successful. This means fresh data is retrieved from the database as soon as the page loads. Is Post Back) This way, Data Bind is only called when the page initially loads and leaves your edits alone on postback. Get the data from your database using a sqldatareader and store it in a custom collection by defining your own custom object.

This in turn means any customizations to the data (e.g. To avoid that problem, wrap the call to Data Bind in a check for Posat Back. Hope this helps, Imar --------------------------------------- Imar Spaanjaars Then bind to the collection using the pageload event and when page.ispostback = false.

I have a select statement set in an Sql Data Source that returns a result table like this: Major Stone ID | Band Style ID | Type ID | Cut ID | Weight | Color | Clarity | Qty | Unit Price | Stone Name | Cut Name Stone Name and Cut Name come from joins with other tables. Updating, the new values collection also does not have the updated values. To simplify the problem, if I set up my Sql Data Source the same way, then drop a datagrid on the form and autogenerate the columns and edit buttons, I still get the problem.

My asynchronous trigger is a timer that runs every 3 seconds.

This is a community of tens of thousands of software programmers and website developers including Wrox book authors and readers. By joining today you can post your own programming questions, respond to other developers questions, and eliminate the ads that are displayed to guests. I'm trying to do some very simple databinding with a Grid View but can't get it to update.

It is, as you might have guessed, the text box from an on screen PIN pad. The page is posted back every five seconds (using an update panel if that matters) to update various other unrelated items on the screen. However, when I convert it to a password text box, like this: Then whenever the page posts back, the text box is cleared out on the screen and the textbox is empty (though during the timer event, the value does make it back to the server.) Any suggestions how to fix this, so that it retains its value during postback? NET tries to disallow you from sending the password value back to the client. it's either not really secure information or you're sure that the connection is secure), you can manually set the The problem of losing the password in the postback can be avoid making use of Asynchronous Java Script calls, lets describe a typical scenario for a Login page: Lets say we have a Login page which allows the user to change the language of its labels when the user choose a language with a dropdownlist a solution would be to invoke selected Index Changed event of the dropdownlist, make a postback which goes to the server and picks up the labels in the chosen language.

in this scenario the field password will be lost due to the security feature of ASP.

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the Translate Labels function would look something like : the request.response XML contains the XML built in the page Get Login and the structure of this XML is defined there.