Homosexuals death concentration camps hitler

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There was not enough food, and many men died from hunger.

Also, there was also very little sanitation, which made it easy for diseases to spread. In the late 1800s, Cuba was a colony of the Spanish Empire. When Cuban people tried to rebel and fight for independence from 1895 to 1898, Spain created concentration camps and sent many Cuban people to live in them.

Also, the concentration camps did not help the Spanish win the war.

At the time, they were fighting the Boer people in the Second Boer War in South Africa.

This was called the "Reconcentrado" ("Reconcentration") Policy.

The people fighting for Cuban independence were guerrilla fighters.

This law said that all Native Americans had to leave the United States and move to "Indian Territory," west of the Mississippi River.Soon, many people from the United States started to move west.Now the United States was moving into Native American lands again.The government may think these people are its enemies.In the past, governments have also put people in concentration camps because they belonged to a certain religion, race, or ethnic group.

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Finally, the Cherokee were forced to travel to the area that is now Oklahoma.