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"Um, you don't mind if I bring someone with me to act as a chaperone? "Fine by me," I told her, "but only one or two people and not your boyfriend. Alternatively, if you want them done at your place, in your bedroom, for instance, I can bring a couple of floodlights along. " "If by at home you mean with my parents, then yes, I do. "Geez, hasn't anyone told your mother what causes them? "They normally stay out of the studio when they know I'm doing some serious work," I assured her. "Um, it might be smarter to have you do them at my place," she decided. "A good photo can be spoiled by a cluttered background.

I don't want him getting jealous in the middle of a session and trying to hang one on me." "I'm not bringing a male chaperone," she protested, blushing. Normal house lighting isn't the best for really good shots." "You still live at home, don't you? Also, there are some personal items you don't want showing up in photos.

They're not right for a proper photo." "I'm not having photos taken without any makeup," Nancy flatly stated.

"You won't have to," I said, opening my cosmetics case.

You should also allow a couple of hours for the photoshoot if you want good results." "That's longer than I expected," she said, sounding surprised. "You have to chaperone us, remember." Karen was another cheerleader, just as fine looking as Nancy. I wondered if she'd like a photo or two, seeing I was doing them.

You'll find I'm quite good at it." I received dubious looks from both girls but Nancy obediently wiped off her cosmetics and let me apply mine.It's a matter of getting used to each other." Saturday rolled around and I traipsed happily over to Nancy's place. I also suggested that they pull the blind down so no extraneous light was there.I was going to be doing some photography and I would be working with a naked cheerleader. Nancy let me in and escorted me through the house to her bedroom. "My mother almost had a heart attack when she saw my room," Nancy said, giggling. (And no peeping toms.) "I'll take some photos with you dressed as you are," I told Nancy.Nancy, one of the cheerleaders, approached me and cautiously asked if I ever did nude photos.I hadn't, I told her, but I was quite willing to do so as long as the subject was eighteen or older.

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As soon as it started up I plugged my camera in and brought up the photos I'd just taken. "As you can see, the camera plays down your cosmetics," I pointed out. Just remember to wash it off after the session as it's too heavy for normal use." After that things were straight forward for a while.

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