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Ms access screenupdating

To add conditional statements to your macro, you need to add a third column.

To do so, click your mouse on the Conditions tool (to the left of the Insert Rows tool) or choose the Conditions option from the View menu.

You may not strictly need this, but I found it forces changes to the userform to be shown (especially if you have Application. Lastly, if you're using the same userform from different functions/subs, then you should include a check to make sure that the userform is still shown (hasn't been accidentally closed down by a previous sub/function), something like: ' Code taken from URL: Test if a specific userform is loaded Public Function Is User Form Loaded(By Val UFName As String) As Boolean Dim UForm As Object Is User Form Loaded = False For Each UForm In VBA. Name = UFName Then Is User Form Loaded = True Exit For End If Next End Function This is very similar to a problem I am having now.

I figured out that I should use the "modeless" keyword to keep the code running, but when I do, the userform (with the label " Working, Please wait.") shows blank white box ony.

As your macros become more complex, you may want them to make decisions, based on specific conditions.

For example, if a file does not exist, you may want the macro to end.

Unfortunately, I'm seeing some weird data momentarily appear in the subform that eventually disappears after the Me. Is there a way to "freeze" the display of MS Access until the Me.

For the first step of this macro, you will want Access to determine if there are any records to print.

You do this using the DCount function in the macro.

For example, assume you want to create a macro to automatically generate a report of the records in the My Friends table.

You created a report to do this in Chapter 8, "Creating Simple Reports," so all you need to do is make a simple macro that will run the report.

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You let macros make such decisions by adding conditions to your macros.

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