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The money is nice but the truth is he'd do it all for free if he could 'cause Stone loves killing Sticks. It's not so much a game as it is a beautiful ballet of brutal stickmen swinging from the rafters with bazookas or dropping in from a future transported portal with a futuristic laser gun or, of cou... Kill all the enemies and spiders, and get as far as you can.

The more enemies you kill, the more points you get, and the better the gear will be! Vinny and Shorty are back to take their love affair of sex and violence back to the mobsters and gangsters coming gunning for them.

Whether the target is a brain eating zombie or heartless mercenary, these gunslinging renegades are ready to use their arsenal of powerful weapons to stop them in their tracks. These mafia jobs are in need of an elite sniper, and with all of your training and expertise, it's clear that you are the man for the job!

Follow the instructions carefully as it will play a large...

Shorty's sordid past takes the team to Mother Russia where cold memories heat up real fast. Hack, slash, kill and destroy your way through tons of levels of never ending baddies and level up beyond your wil... With thousands of forges pumping their hot steel toward building weapons and war machines, the wizards are studying their ancient tomes, and the Speartons and Swor... But this time, it's you making those 'accidents' happen!

Be there for the another thrilling, fully automatic adventure. Collect Sticks (real sticks) with your stick figure, by jumping up and down on the trampolines. Kill off all the stickmen, one by one, but be careful! The ultimate zassin never expected to be called upon again to fight to the death with a huge army of deadly warriors.

But when an ancient demon steals the fabled pan, only the heroic ninja-samurai can travel acr... With all the time in the world to annihilate hordes of enemies, it...

Smash a stick man as hard as you want as you hit him with trucks, drop him down stairs, steam roll him and pummel him with wrecking balls!

The wok is sacred treasure sent from on high to bring tasty nourishment to all the people of the land. Kill off all the stick-men without them noticing each others death..! He is acquainted with Birthday Boy Blam, a rectangular-headed little gu... Take on waves of baddies with nothing but your guts, some guns and a little luck.In this homeland, this samurai warrior was a disciple of the master sword masters, Masamune and the Masazane, but after the disgrace of the broken sword, hundreds of ninja warriors are being sent t...The castle was built with the lie that it would protect everyone.The world of theater is highly competitive, some might even say cut throat.Climb your way to the top by trampling the competition underfoot with a series of devious and devastating "accidents" tha...

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