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Randy record dating site

The difference in size was not a result of KNM-ER 1813 being immature at the time of death; the third molars were fully erupted and showed evidence of wear, so she was probably a female who was fully mature at the time of her death.

While undergoing treatment for his life-threatening condition, Travis suffered a stroke that left him in critical condition.

The similarities include overall size, smaller orbits, and sub-nasal prognathism (projection of the face below the nose).

It is somewhat skewed on its left side, a result of the pressures the skull experienced during the fossilization process.

The country star had been involved in a single-car accident, according to the report, and when police arrested him on a DWI charge, he received a separate charge of retaliation and obstruction for threatening to shoot and kill officers at the scene.

The singer was taken by officers to the police station, naked (the details of how he became naked are unclear), and was released the following day, after posting a ,500 bond, according to In July 2013, a 54-year-old Travis made headlines when he was admitted to a Texas hospital after reportedly suffering from complications related to a heart condition.

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Earlier in 2013, Travis became engaged to Mary Davis. Three years after his stroke, Travis wowed fans when he stood on stage and sang an emotional rendition of “Amazing Grace” at the 2016 induction ceremony at The Country Music Hall and Fame. His speech and mobility continue to slowly improve.