South park s12e06 online dating

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South park s12e06 online dating

After the boys hear about how sexual harassment is bad, it leads to the whole town suing each other, with Gerald getting paid millions in the process.

Sadly, Petey is fired by the school to cut costs, and he finds himself on the Isle of Misfit Mascots, believing himself to be an actual panda.

Things are pretty f**ked right here, as he would say.

Eventually, it is revealed that Cartman is the creator of such an awful story, and it's all just so Kyle can be killed in his sick fantasy.

One of the most silly and epic episodes of recent times.

They fake Butters's death, and disguise him as a girl to infiltrate their inner circle to recover the device.

After serving them back with a dose of 'Achy Breaky Heart', Stan has to enlist South Park's best dancers (including a dancing duck) after the dance-off is declared 'on'.

Meanwhile, Butters's past reveals that he once killed hundreds of people after a tap dance performance to 'I've Got Something In My Front Pocket For You'. and other disaster movies, it also mocked the aid response after Hurricane Katrina.

The episode is particularly enjoyable when Butters finds himself loving his time as a girl after they take him in, while his parents attempt to resurrect him via an Ancient Indian burial ground.

and other dance movies, the episode sees Stan indeed getting served by a dance troupe, much to Randy's embarrassment.

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Unlike other rival shows, Trey Parker and Matt Stone's cartoon has got better with age, like an old can of Pabst Blue Ribbon, and continues to push boundaries and stay relevant.