Updating website using ftp in dreamweaver dating phonme line

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Updating website using ftp in dreamweaver

If you use Nvu or Kompo Zer, go to the Nvu/Kompo Zer section instead. Although you can immediately edit your website with Dreamweaver, it's much better to define your site in Dreamweaver's Site Manager.

After all, when you bought the editor, you paid for the sophisticated facilities available in it, so you might as well use it to the full.

Once you've finished downloading your site, skip to the relevant section for your web editor.

That is, if you use Dreamweaver, go to the Dreamweaver section of this tutorial.

Make sure that you select all the files and folders so that you preserve the directory structure of your website.

Otherwise, if you change things around or only selectively download files, you may find that you have a lot of broken links and broken images when you edit and publish your website in the new editor.

In the "Local Site" pane of File Zilla, which shows the files and folders on your computer, navigate till you are in the folder where you want to place your website files.

What you cannot carry over are the overall site design and the graphics that came with it.

After redesigning a new appearance for your site in the new editor, you can simply plug in your existing content.

This does not mean that you cannot salvage your content.

Your content — your own words, photos and the pictures you drew yourself — are your own property, which you can use wherever you like.

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For the purpose of this guide, I shall use File Zilla, a free FTP program listed on that page.

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